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This morning, I'm proud of my dream-self for figuring out the nifty little translucent currency bars in my dream weren't based on gold, silver, and platinum, but on aƱejo, blanco, and reposado tequilas.



Apr. 17th, 2017 09:24 am
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Like many, I've imported my ancient LJ to Dreamwidth. I've mostly been using my journal to rant to myself in private mode, but I'm considering doing some public posting again. The old LJ-format nested comments system is the kind of sexy I miss.

So if you're here and active and familiar, give me a shout!
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Time to fight the boss.

(Pretend like the buttons on the side are for the XBox, yeah?)
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Walking around with my Rock Band guitar back-slung over my grey woolly military coat makes me feel like I should be in circa-1983 U2. I need a samurai flag and some crappy horse-riding skills. Also SNOW.

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Being gainfully employed and actually being able to pay my electric bills the instant they come in has made me into a consumer, so I now own an XBox360. My question to you, the few who belong to the set of people who a) still read LJ and b) are game-nerds - any recommendations on games? Keep in mind that I'm not at all a player, so things that are two or three years old are AWESOME recommendations and also things that I can pick up on the cheap. My loves are: Rock Band and games where I kick people in the head. Dislikes = so-called RP games where I have to plan out a character path and put points into being a necromancer or baking cookies in order to progress into all-powerful-Joe-Bob-Number-3 (Death Knight edition!). Blech. Puzzles can be fun. A solid and interesting game universe is...solid and interesting. Zombies = always a bonus!

Finally saw Tideland earlier this week, and it kind of sort of righteously fucked my noggin. I assumed I would be one of the people who loved it, but instead I find myself one of the people who doesn't know what to think, though I definitely appreciate the beauty and the craft and the way Terry Gilliam managed to creep me out but good. I like warped-innocence kid movies! But the main character isn't warped by her experiences, or is, or is running around with her fingers in her ears going 'LA LA LA' - I don't know at all. Maybe Tideland has started up long echoey ripples of thought, and I can't see the end of the wave yet.
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Ahhh, the time of the season of frantic-bastardry. I'm using my caring-and-concerned sports-fan work persona to answer all kinds of unclever email questions. I really don't understand how someone could both work in this office and root for the team. There's a direct correlation between how well we're doing and how much freakin' work there is to do. Our baseball team? Is sucking. Which means no post-season madness. Which means 'YEAY!' in my book. It's only a short leap to desperately hoping our team tanks, and I'm nothing if not pragmatic. Except in the ways that I want to date fictional characters and make out with trees.

I have thirty-two hours worth of sick leave! And thirty-two hours worth of vacation, which I can start using...at the end of this month! I can feel the miser in me activating, ready to accrue and accrue and stack days-off like shiny shiny gold coins.
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Mlarrrrr. Monday.

I'm still riding on the awesomeness of finishing the Rock Band 58-song setlist yesterday. That was, what, six hours worth of steady strumming and drumming and vocaling? We are total and complete pretend-rock badasses. I can't wait to see what my arms feel like tomorrow. Now I have to figure out what to waste all my in-game money on. I blew $66,666 on the goat guitar, and I thought I was DONE for a while. Dammit. I hate pretend-shopping.

Damn you, [livejournal.com profile] ocyn and [livejournal.com profile] satyric and James, too. I can't get freaking 'All Along the Watchtower' out of my head.
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Well, that was an interesting bus ride.

I witnessed my first bus fight. My morning 331 is usually full of teenaged hooligans, and this morning, one of them was walking down the aisle and bumped an older man. Older man went up to demand an apology, fight broke out, they did an extended fight-threesome dance-thing with the older man grabbing the original kid and the kid's friend trying to grab the man in a chokehold. Bus pulled over, cops called, I walked from Oltorf and First to my HEB on Congress, slightly adrenaline-shaky. I'm kind of amazed this is the first time it's happened - those whippersnappers are full of piss and vinegar.

On the second leg of my morning bus journey, I was listening to my shiny new Zune. A scholarly-looking fellow in the seat in front of me says, "Do you mind if I ask? Do you feel that device isolates you from music?" We went on to have a nerdish conversation about cyberpunk and Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle and the shared delusion that is currency. He was proud to have fantasy-gamed with Bruce Sterling back in the day, though I'm pretty sure any native Austin geek of a certain age can claim that one.

So now I'm at work, and it feels like I've already been awake for CENTURIES.
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Hit me with buses, boys and girls, I'm full-time!

I'm in this kind of weird spot at work right now. I'm now on my new job pay-scale, with benefits and all that wondersplifferousness, but I'm still working at my old public sales window until they can find someone else to come over and work it - UIL tickety stuff is going on over at the Erwin Center, and they're understaffed as it is. So there's this hazy sort of who-the-hell-am-I existential job-angst. If I were a slacker, I could exploit it to do no job at all, but I've got a Protestant Work Ethic, despite not being very protestant any more. Proletariat work ethic? Something like that.

I'm wearing non-jean trousers and a pair of non-sneakers! I bet y'all thought it would never happen.
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If y'all have a chance, you might head over to Filmmaking Frenzy and check out some of the brilliant entries into Alamo Drafthouse's "Rewind Kindly" contest. The low-tech special effects are frickin' INSPIRED. I've not watched them all yet, but favorites include Blade Runner, Die Hard, Speed, The Princess Bride, Terminator 2, Tron, and the completely awesometastic Beastmaster. I LOVE THEM ALL.
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Also, there are still four unguessed movies in my meme thing back here. You should guess on number three especially, because Graham is going to cry when he realizes what it is. And making Graham cry is one of the chief joys in life. Yes.

ETA: The meme is all guessed-out! Y'all are awesome nerds who know me too well.
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(Stolen from Auss24 and the Nogginator)
Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
Go to IMDB and find quotes for each of them.
Or go to Google, because, frankly, IMDB is missing some of the best.
Post the quotes.
When someone guesses the movie, add the movie name and the person who got it right.
(No fair using IMDB - or Google - to find the answer.)

Cut for length and mild swears! )
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Happy Valentine's Day, boys and girls.
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Now I just need to get HOME, that magical place where the computer makes noise.
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I've finally grown up enough to admit that The Road Warrior is a far better movie than Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. I still love Pig Killer, still think that bungee fighting is an excellent way to settle an argument, but mannnn. It's like realizing how stupid the Ewoks were. A piece of my childhood has died.

That being said, the folks at Death Guild have helped me re-evaluate my priorities. I realize that I don't care at ALL how successful I am in terms of the 'real' world - I just want to beat the shit out of someone with a foam sword.
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I'm watching Snatch on network television. I love me some terrible terrible edited-for-tv-ness. On top of all the 'freaking' and 'fancy,' on top of the de-slurring of the 'pikeys' into 'gypsies,' there is this priceless treasure:

Franky Four Fingers: So the biblical scholars mis-translated the Hebrew word for "young woman" into the Greek word for "virgin," which was a pretty easy mistake to make, since there is only a subtle difference in the spelling. But back then it was the "virgin" that caught people's attention. It's not every day a virgin conceives and bears a son. So you keep that for a couple of hundred years, and the next thing you know, you have the Roman Catholic church.

Now replace 'virgin' with 'girl.' It's not every day a girl conceives and bears a son? Priests and nuns say 'virgin.' I think it's safe for the CW at 9pm.

ETA: Ha! They de-fucked Mickie, too! I mean, really, what's the POINT?
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Guitar Hero III, bitches!
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"Being a hero never filled anyone's sack with salt and saffron - it's a waste of time."

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Mmm! Because I hate my telephone and drunk-dialing is against the introvert CODE, I will instead drunk-post. Or slightly-tipsy post. I'm watering my wine like some medieval trencher-sucker, all afraid of the evil spirits in pure H2O. I've also eaten a gigantic salad, so I feel rather cow-like. MmmmmmOOO! My stomach is all green inside.

How is everyone? How many people are still actually posting on LiveJournal? How many people have absconded to MySpace, which is, might I suggest, lame as hell and awkward to use and also something that I haven't checked in centuries? I'm not sure if I should end the previous statement with a question mark or a period. Such are the perils of the rambly stream-of-conscious ramble-post.

Also hyphens. Very perilous, the hyphen.

I am muchly elated, for I have today returned from the thrift store with a VERY workable skirt for my Halloween costume. It's complicated my life, being in an unforeseen color, but I shall make it work most cleverly. Yes? Maybe. Also in my thrifting journey, I acquired what can only be described as a Russian Military Elf Hat. Maybe when I'm slightly more sober, I'll take a picture. It kind of has to be shared.

Hello, LJ Loyalists, hello hello!
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