Aug. 20th, 2007 07:32 pm
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I miss being around LARP-folks. I have no one to foist my insane thrift purchases off on.

Anybody need a white folding cane for the blind?


Aug. 5th, 2007 06:19 am
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Obnoxious cold from hell!

My nose is making Predator noises.
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stupid quiz results, la la la )

Me and Canada, we're close like that.
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This is pretty much the coolest shit ever.

Building in Salt Lake City scheduled for demolition, released into the hands of a heapload of artists, to do as they will before the whole thing gets knocked down. Shades of house-of-memory and temporary autonomous zones and I want to go and seeeeeee.


Apr. 30th, 2007 09:35 am
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LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


My werewolf movie education feels like it's coming to a close. Watched The Howling, which had some very nice moments, even though I have difficulty sympathizing with blonde floofy-haired newscaster sorts, and Wolves of Wall Street, which was an amazingly cliched The Secret of My Success with steak tartar and male underwear models. If anyone has any suggestions for GOOD were-movies, let me know - I'm down to the DREGS.
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Most Austin-centric movie EVAR. Forget the party at the Moon Tower, yeah?
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My werewolf e-du-ma-ca-tion continues!

American Werewolf in London )

The Descent )

Neil Marshall's doing another movie with Sean Pertwee and Darren Morfitt. There is much rejoicing!


Mar. 20th, 2007 07:09 pm
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Ah, I'm a junkie. You find much better stuff when you thrift before 5:00 pm.

pictures to make you jealous )
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Where have all the Livejournal folks gone? Are you all playing on MySpace? I punch you in the head with my werewolf-fightin' fists!
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Tra la la, I'm cheerful as fuck this morning. Something about watching a werewolf fistfight always puts me in a good mood.
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I'm domesticating the wild apartment complex garbage-picker. The dumpster across the parking lot is my version of a bird feeder. Soon they'll be taking Simon and Garfunkel cassette tapes from my HAND.

Apartment Therapy is starting up another round of Eight Week Cure and I'm playing along.
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Hee. I've gone kind of scan-happy during my great decluttering. Enjoy the fruits of my labor!


Jan. 22nd, 2007 09:58 am
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Half-Price Books +

= $104.50.

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Hi, Livejournal! Long time, no see!

The chilly (for Texas) weather and my lack of attractive hat options are convincing me I need a bad-ass ushanka. Rabbit fur, I think - I want something that was once alive keeping my ears warm, something soft and fluffy and prey. I'll only be able to wear it a couple of times a year, so it can't be too pricey, and I want to try one on before I buy it. Any suggestions for places to look around town? I'm gonna check the local boot shops, under the theory that they're not afraid of selling dead animal things in Austin. Russian hat + cowboy boots = TEH SEX.

I have been decluttering my apartment using the dogmatic Apartment Therapy Eight Week Cure, and my oh my is it ever working nicely! I'm slowing down now that I actually have to dig through paperwork, but I have elevenish grocery bags full of books ready to go to Half Price. Week Seven is coming up, which is bedrooms and associated closets, which means I'm going to have to donate a shitload of old clothes. I wish I had a garage to build a sale around - I don't care if I only make a nickel per thing, I just want SOME kind of return. Grrrr. Must tell myself the cleared space will be worth it, never mind the decrease in mover's fees next time around.
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In 2007, enkigrl resolves to...
Overcome my secret fear of sans-culottes.
Start a bordertown fund.
Take evening classes in claustrophilia.
Get back in contact with some old treehouses.
Tell my family about elflocks.
Cut down to ten blades a day.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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SOMEONE was watching Love, Actually.

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The most tragic kitten cries EVAR!

Somebody, sometime before the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, either ditched two kittens in front of my apartment or DIED INSIDE and has already been eaten, sending wee little pre-adolescent feline-things out to staaaarve. The piteous kitten wailing has been going on for days! I'm a hard-hearted wench who DOES NOT WANT CATS, but even I am thinking about buying a box of food or something.

I don't want to call the Humane Society on someone's new kitties, if they are indeed owned and only roaming about, and kittens are all about the mewing, but dude. 'S been six days. Put some tags on the wee things if they're yours. Maybe I should call my apartment-management tomorrow.
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Hm. I have not posted for a longish time, and nothing of substance for longer still. Longer still after now, because this is completely substanceless.

I am thankful for thrift store t-shirts. Right now my boobs say "Chicago!" and very small-ly "The Windy City" and there is a skyline that doesn't look particularly Chicago-ian to me, though my skylines were always at high speed through twirling highways and overpasses and things, so they are most likely warped. Hooray thrift stores! Fifty cents make my tits Midwestern again! And hooray temporary furniture! I now own a small folding table. It's covered with refilled sno-globes and small rodent bones right now. Honestly and truly. I've only just realized how odd that is.

I am NOT thankful that I apparently left my pretty fountain pen on the bus. I hope whoever found it is thankful, though, because it's filled with rockin' walnut-colored ink and it's pleasin' to write with. Gotta buy myself another one. I am ruined for disposable pens.
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OMG Mickie and Graham are the weeknight drunken enablers! It is twelve thirty. Time for sleep.
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Thursday, I apparently strained my wrist playing Guitar Hero 2 (soooooo worth it, but still!) and now I have this flamingly red eyeball of doom. I am awesome.
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