Mar. 17th, 2008

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Well, that was an interesting bus ride.

I witnessed my first bus fight. My morning 331 is usually full of teenaged hooligans, and this morning, one of them was walking down the aisle and bumped an older man. Older man went up to demand an apology, fight broke out, they did an extended fight-threesome dance-thing with the older man grabbing the original kid and the kid's friend trying to grab the man in a chokehold. Bus pulled over, cops called, I walked from Oltorf and First to my HEB on Congress, slightly adrenaline-shaky. I'm kind of amazed this is the first time it's happened - those whippersnappers are full of piss and vinegar.

On the second leg of my morning bus journey, I was listening to my shiny new Zune. A scholarly-looking fellow in the seat in front of me says, "Do you mind if I ask? Do you feel that device isolates you from music?" We went on to have a nerdish conversation about cyberpunk and Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle and the shared delusion that is currency. He was proud to have fantasy-gamed with Bruce Sterling back in the day, though I'm pretty sure any native Austin geek of a certain age can claim that one.

So now I'm at work, and it feels like I've already been awake for CENTURIES.


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